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Twape Mtila

Private Wealth Manager


Twape is born of African soil. And African heart.

There is greatness in the very soil of Africa. Wrought with a million sights and sounds, our land is our treasure, the land that we do not inherit from our ancestors but borrow from our children. There is wealth in the very soil of Africa. Gold, platinum, lithium and diamonds, oil and gas, among others.

There is also development in Africa... the kind that comes from running before you can walk because you are oh-so-excited to become as fancy as your big brother China. The kind that comes with forex shortages, devaluating currencies and political instability. This is where you need an expert. Someone who was born of the very soil that forex shortages make into entrepreneurs, where avoiding devaluating currencies makes infrastructure development and shielding against political instability creates trade agreements.

At seven years of age, Twape stood on a stage, playing the role of Hamlet whilst the twelve-year olds - his seniors in school - played the supporting roles. He has that gift. He commands an audience.

Africa is relational, not transactional. Financial advice is transactional, not relational. And that is where Twape's amazing gift of communication comes through.

The chief of the village often sits in counsel, whereby many can come to him. It is customary to ask about the important things in life before discussing your business at hand. Such as your loved ones, your family, your crops and food source, your cattle and transport and of course, the rain. Because time is our currency in Africa. If you are rich, you have time.

Twape's watch stops when he speaks to his clients about their loved ones, their families, their crops, their cattle and the rain. He is relational at the very core of his being. And he will fight for your wealth with all the strength of African roots.

Twape knows firsthand the heartache that all who are not in their motherland face every day as he practices his financial art in Mauritius, a far cry from the beauty of Lake Malawi.

Guided by Twape's expertise in navigating the intricacies of Africa, your financial journey sets sail on an unparalleled journey, seamlessly intertwining exclusivity with prosperity. In this bespoke financial journey, Twape's distinctive approach mirrors the essence of Africa itself — rich in diversity, rooted in relational values, and driven by the heartbeat of the continent. He stands as a stalwart defender of wealth with a commitment to crafting a financial experience that is as unique and extraordinary as the continent Twape calls home.

Twape Mtila

Why choose Carrick Catalyst for wealth preservation, protection and growth.


I promise to be intentional in every aspect of my service, crafting tailored strategies that prioritise my clients' unique goals and aspirations. With a relentless focus on customer experience, I pledge to deliver personalised solutions that inspire confidence and peace of mind. I always approach my clients with respect, listening more than I speak and treating their concerns as though they were my own blood. In every interaction, I commit to upholding the age-old principle of the stewarding of wealth, guided by principles of integrity, diligence, and prudence. I vow to prioritise my client's financial well-being above all else, striving to preserve and grow their wealth with the utmost care and expertise. I pledge to act in their best interests, maintaining confidentiality, and upholding the highest ethical standards in all my dealings. With humility and respect, I commit to continuous learning and professional development to better serve those who entrust me with their financial future. This oath I take, with unwavering dedication, as a guardian of prosperity and trust.


An extremely diligent, hard working and client focused young man.
Twapes ability to quickly understand the financial and personal needs of a client are that of a 25 year experienced advisor. A rising star in Africa and if you are lucky enough to have him as your advisor then I’m confident of all your financial goals being met with clarity and with the best results possible.
- Greg Stockton

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Carrick Catalyst is an award-winning luxury boutique wealth management firm with three global licences exclusively serving Africa. As an independent firm, our commitment to impartial advice and regulatory compliance ensures your wealth, privacy and interests are protected. ​Our tailor-made financial solutions prioritise your unique needs and our expertise in wealth management drives the growth of your wealth with a dedication to excellence that sets us apart. With more than 400 years of experience between our advisers combined, we understand that as your wealth grows, so do the intricacies of managing it. Tracking every moving piece no longer takes all of your time. We work with you to quarterback everything from a single point of contact.

We work with successful individuals who aspire to a long-lasting financial legacy and as a leader in wealth management, we understand that knowledge is wealth, and we speak the language of leadership. We build a robust partnership with our clients offering the expertise and guidance needed to achieve all your financial goals. Our client-centric model prioritises you above all else. We are here for you with a dedicated team you can access at all times so that you can spend more time on the things that matter.


Carrick Catalyst provides bespoke solutions for our clients, building your wealth in an age of ethics and sustainability.


Our team of onboarding experts work around the clock ensuring the review of your KYC & AML application to the highest standards to give you the advantage of our service as soon as possible.


We understand that each customer is unique. Therefore, we have created an online platform which allows flexibility with accessibility levels.


The protection of funds is of paramount importance to us ensuring that our processes are integrated with two-factor authentication and multi-level authorisation capabilities.

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There is no price tag on freedom

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