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Boutique Financial Advisory
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Carrick Catalyst is an award-winning luxury boutique wealth management firm with three global licences exclusively serving Africa. As an independent firm, our commitment to impartial advice and regulatory compliance ensures your wealth, privacy and interests are protected.

Our tailor-made financial solutions prioritise your unique needs and our expertise in wealth management drives the growth of your wealth with a dedication to excellence that sets us apart.



If you want to go fast, go alone;
If you want to go far, go together.


Carrick Catalyst is dedicated to providing discerning individuals with exceptional wealth management. Our approach partners the personal touch of human expertise, strategic financial guidance and the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence to craft the ultimate advisory experience.

- Craig Featherby

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We always counsel that before setting sail on any journey, one prepares by planning the course and only then sets course following the map to reach destination. Our expert private wealth managers excel in preparing a roadmap for each unique set of goals in your financial journey.

As a boutique financial advisory exclusively serving Africa, we often meet clients on every part of their financial journey. Whether preparing for a regular savings plan, an education plan, a property purchase, a retirement plan or a single premium investment, our expert advisers are uniquely placed in their niche markets and ability to understand your particular financial journey.

In safeguarding your wealth, our approach emphasises preservation above all else. We meticulously select asset classes renowned for principle security, ensuring your financial foundation remains unshakable. Our strategies are crafted to withstand the erosive effects of inflation, offering returns in hard currency that consistently outpace market inflation. When it comes to structuring your wealth, we painstakingly consider where your assets are housed, ensuring the most advantageous environment.

In developing your financial portfolio, we prioritise the art of building wealth with precision and foresight. Leveraging open architecture investment platforms, we grant access to a diverse array of jurisdictions, sectors, currencies, and asset classes. This strategic approach not only fosters diversification but also mitigates volatility, whilst engaging avenues for genuine returns. Our focus on tax efficiencies ensures that every aspect of your financial strategy is optimised to minimise liabilities and maximise gains. Of paramount importance to us is the delicate balance between risk and reward where we tailor our recommendations to align with your unique risk tolerance and long-term objectives. 

In fortifying your wealth, comprehensive protection strategies are of utmost importance. Our estate planning services ensure that your wishes are not just heard but diligently executed, allowing you to dictate the future of your wealth with clarity and certainty. Through the strategic implementation of trusts, we provide a shield against unforeseen circumstances and ensure the seamless transfer of assets to future generations. Our tailored insurance solutions guard against life's uncertainties, offering peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are protected from financial hardships. We deploy robust measures to protect your wealth against third-party threats and aggressive taxation policies, preserving your hard-earned assets from undue erosion. 

Because Carrick Catalyst was built on the basis of partnership, we recognize that building a lasting legacy requires a foundation rooted in partnership and collaboration. We understand the significance of leaving a lasting imprint, not just in terms of wealth but in the values and principles that define your legacy. Through our bespoke family office services, we offer a multi-generational approach that surpasses financial management, encompassing estate planning, tax efficiency and wills tailored to your evolving needs. As stewards of your wealth, we are committed to recognising the changing dynamics that accompany wealth transfer, ensuring that your legacy endures through generations with integrity and foresight.

The Journey of Wealth
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"You're not rich until you have something money cannot buy."
- Neil Bentley Fierro


We have followed our time-tested comprehensive financial advisory model for hundreds of happy clients. Our skilled advisers help navigate the complex nature of financial planning, optimising financial resources and working towards achieving each client's tailor-made long-term goals.


Initial Consultation


Data Gathering &

Financial Analysis


Financial Plan &

Solution Development


Presentation of



Implementation of

Selected Solution


Ongoing Monitoring

& Review





Periodic Reviews

& Revisions

Our Time-Tested Model
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Businessman in Suit

Managing Director | Law Firm

Working with Carrick has been such a refreshing change for me and my firm. As a Managing Director of a prominent law firm in Southern Africa, I have high standards when it comes to financial management and investment strategies. From our very first consultation, Carrick demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism, expertise, and personalized attention.

My adviser took the time to truly understand my financial goals, risk tolerance, and unique circumstances. With his insightful guidance, I've been able to navigate complex financial decisions with confidence and precision. What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. They are proactive, responsive, and always go above and beyond to ensure that my financial interests are protected. Thanks to Carrick, I have peace of mind knowing that my financial future is in capable hands.



Landlord | Family Inheritance

Carrick has been an absolute blessing for me and my family. I knew I needed expert guidance to ensure our wealth for future generations. My adviser took the time to listen, empathise, and tailor a comprehensive wealth management strategy that aligned perfectly with our values and goals. The  team's expertise and attention to detail have been invaluable in structuring the estate, optimising our investment portfolio, managing rental properties and finally actual estate planning.


I've been particularly impressed by their dedication to educating and empowering me every step of the way, ensuring that I feel confident and informed in every financial decision we make. I love that I'm not just a client but as a valued partner in safeguarding and growing our family's legacy. We rest assured knowing that our family's financial future is secure for generations to come.

Happy Businessman

Entrepreneur | Tech

Game-changer for me where every second counts, I needed a financial advisor who could keep up with the fast-paced nature of my industry and deliver results. Carrick did just that and more. From the get-go, their agile approach and cutting-edge financial strategies helped me maximise returns and minimise risks in record time. Great ability to adapt to changing market conditions and capitalise on emerging opportunities.


Their tech-savvy team and innovative approach leverage the latest tools and tech to provide real-time insights and actionable recommendations, empowering me to make informed decisions at lightning speed. I've been able to stay ahead of the curve financially while focusing on scaling my tech ventures. Any entrepreneur understands the need for strategic allies in the pursuit of financial success.

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