Carrick Catalyst provides a bespoke investment strategy to allow for greater investment choice and diversification through currency, jurisdiction and asset class.
Adding offshore exposure to a portfolio means increased diversification, which will help protect against political instability, onerous tax regimes and emerging economies. 
Our international footprint gives access to multinational investment institutions and specialist offshore structured solutions. This, in turn, allows for global investment opportunities in more stable, high growth and tax efficient jurisdictions. 


Carrick Catalyst provides an offshore globally portable pension, available both as a corporate structure and as an individual private scheme, clients can save for retirement in hard currencies and secure jurisdictions. This in turn affords access to greater diversification and, with that, reduced risk.
It offers the flexibility to access pension benefits at retirement age and pass on wealth to beneficiaries. 
With access to global investment opportunities, our offshore pension structure enhances earnings potential through currency, asset class and jurisdictions providing additional tax and succession planning benefits.

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Carrick Catalyst develops offshore succession structures that help preserve and pass on personal and family wealth as well as business assets in a tax efficient and flexible manner. In working with offshore trust structures, among other things, one can hold a wide array of asset classes including property, shares and art or collectibles.


Carrick Catalyst FX is a specialist currency platform providing a single channel online solution for individuals, companies or families. Carrick Catalyst FX affords a pioneering fintech platform to facilitate all foreign currency exchange and international payments. This is done through a fully transparent, globally authorised and regulated service provider. Carrick Catalyst FX clients have access to our London-based dealing team, who aid with all Forex matters.

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Carrick Catalyst Crypto affords access to OTC cryptocurrencies which are increasingly being recognised as the future of money as we rush, ever faster, towards a paperless society. Internationally, financial institutions and retail investors alike are increasing both their day to day transactional and investment exposure to these currencies.


Carrick Consult provides sustainable solutions to protect the longevity of wealth with a fine attention to detail and complete understanding of each client’s unique circumstances. 


Fiduciary services and a team of specialists including attorneys, accountants and tax practitioners, afford comprehensive estate planning to preserve wealth for future generations.

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Carrick Catalyst provides hard currency and globally portable medical insurance, life insurance and pension solutions to multinational corporates for their executives. Carrick Catalyst provides a localised, high-touch service affording regulated and licensed advice and solutions.


Carrick Catalyst Insure provides the peace of mind that comes with the protection afforded by the right insurance solution. The solutions are wide and varied including shareholder, Jumbo and regular life insurance. Carrick Catalyst Insure can filter through the options available and based on specific requirements and needs, provide the right solutions for companies and individuals (including home and family).


Carrick Catalyst Family Office provides a seamless and holistic approach to the challenges and opportunities families face. The focus is to build long-term personal relationships and create a deep understanding of what matters presently and, importantly, in the future. The Carrick Catalyst Family Office is a full-service offering, providing independent advice and solutions with complete confidentiality and discretion. 


Carrick Catalyst Prime is an all-in-one business provider, customer relationship and client management tool providing the latest in enterprise resource planning, tailored for the finance sector. A dedicated support and development team is here to ensure that present and future requirements are met. Our partners are assured of continued enhancements into the future with machine learning, hyper-ledger technology and more.

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Carrick Property identifies and secures access to the world’s best opportunities through its global investment property portfolio. Diversification across a range of assets helps assure financial freedom, while investment risk is reduced when investing across secure, developed and high growth property market jurisdictions. 

Property is a tangible asset that provides an ongoing source of potential growth and passive income in foreign/hard currencies that can be passed on to future generations.


From sourcing to management and beyond, there is support every step of the way.


Obtaining residency in a foreign country may seem complex. However, there are numerous countries offering straightforward routes to obtaining a residency through investing in their country’s economy.

The term Citizenship by Investment is gaining increasing popularity among high net worth individuals (HNWIs) around the globe. As the world's elite look to enhance their global mobility and secure a plan b for themselves and their families, obtaining a second citizenship is proving to be the optimal solution.