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Carrick Opens New Workspace in Lilongwe to Grow Financial Services Offering

Carrick News

6 Jul 2022

On 04 July 2022 Carrick Wealth officially launched a new work and meeting space in Lilongwe, Malawi. The workspace, located in the Latitude 13 Hotel, was identified as a priority to service the Malawian market for offshore financial advisory services.

Carrick Wealth is an International Financial Advisory firm licensed and regulated to provide offshore financial advice in Malawi. This is particularly important given that the Kwacha has seen significant devaluations during this year in an effort to shore up foreign reserves and stave off inflation in the wake of rising commodity prices.

Carrick Wealth Malawi is able to offer financial advisory services to individuals looking at offshore investments, together with domestic investments that have solid fundamentals, as a means to preserve and grow their wealth. This is an important service to provide for Malawians and those in the country facing the headwinds of broader economic uncertainty.

Carrick opened its first office in the country in Blantyre in 2018. Since then, it has seen a significant uptake of its services and the need to expand the offering to Lilongwe.

According to Twape Mtila, appointed as Regional Manager of Carrick’s current Malawi office in May of this year “We have identified that high-net-worth Malawians and expatriates, typically working in the private sector and with development partners, require financial advice on how they can protect and preserve their wealth.

Historically these individuals would need to leave Malawi to receive the caliber of advice that Carrick currently offers locally. We are now pleased to be able to offer our full suite of services to the Lilongwe market”.

Carrick has chosen to work with Latitude 13 Hotel to host this new workspace as the hotel is already among the premier locations in the city for business meetings and social events which services broadly the same market of individuals, organisations and companies as Carrick. Latitude 13 is able to host a range of meeting needs and is located conveniently between the downtown area of the city and the airport.

“With the opening of the new office in Lilongwe, Carrick Wealth Malawi will be right on the doorsteps of this target market, ready to assist them with bespoke financial solutions – our work in Lilongwe will solidify great gains we have already made in the market, taking our presence in the country from strength to strength” said group founder and CEO of Carrick, Craig Featherby.

Opening the new Carrick workspace in Lilongwe is a part of the company’s broader Africa expansion plan. This as a result of the momentum that has also been created by Carrick Wealth’s offices in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mauritius and the United Kingdom. This plan also involves creating career opportunities within Africa for top financial advisers who are looking to advance their careers in one of our African offices and Carrick is actively recruiting for this and other future projects.

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