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Jarryd Jacklin

Regional Manager


396 times.


Raised in an old-fashioned South African all boys school, Jarryd said these values every day for his first two years of high school – 396 times. And was tested on them 72 times during his coming-of-age years. It is no question that he lives them every day.

Jarryd has rare old-fashioned manners mixed in with a modern style of strategic leadership. Decked in a full suit, he works a 12-hour day to compensate for the time zones across Africa. And he values hard-earned work. As he does the hard-earned currency of his clients. He started in an entry level position at Carrick, after studying to be a chartered accountant and then transferring to a Bachelor of Commerce in Business, and now stands as the regional manager of the Mauritius office which advises into Africa with three global licences. He’s earned his stripes and spends every day in a torturous balancing act with time as the enemy, as he speaks to each of his clients as though no other existed and lends his team support giving them every opportunity to add another stripe to the career he is building with them. He lives his motto, “Run your own race.”

Jarryd Jacklin, as a leader of his team, is renowned for his fairness, firmness, and high standards. Jarryd Jacklin, as a private wealth manager, is renowned for managing relationships with high-net-worth individuals, combining strategic vision with a commitment to excellence. Our African heritage raises a family foundation that is difficult to break and, being an outgoing teenager, has been adopted by many a family with no shared blood. He feels he was raised by a village and spends each day paying it forward. He cares about his clients’ families and their children’s education and their health and their retirement and most of all the quality of their family braai time – and how can you have the freedom to have the perfect braai, timewise and fillet-wise, without financial freedom, he asks?

Competitive by nature, Jarryd has excelled in sports like cross-country, canoeing, and polocrosse, representing South Africa at an international level. Africa instils this yearning for adventure and as is his way, even taking up scuba diving, he became a dive master in record time – because he has to be the best. You’d never know him from his suit to his scuba gear but he says there is a close comparison – leading from the front in unknown territories, never leaving any man behind and making sure we all have enough air to stay afloat and even thrive.

Jarryd’s dedication to his values and his relentless pursuit of excellence make him a remarkable leader and private wealth manager. His story is one of hard-earned success, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to his clients and team where exclusivity seamlessly meets prosperity, creating a bespoke financial experience of luxury.

Jarryd Jacklin

Why choose Carrick Catalyst for wealth preservation, protection and growth.


I promise to be intentional in every aspect of my service, crafting tailored strategies that prioritise my clients' unique goals and aspirations. With a relentless focus on customer experience, I pledge to deliver personalised solutions that inspire confidence and peace of mind. I always approach my clients with respect, listening more than I speak and treating their concerns as though they were my own blood. In every interaction, I commit to upholding the age-old principle of the stewarding of wealth, guided by principles of integrity, diligence, and prudence. I vow to prioritise my client's financial well-being above all else, striving to preserve and grow their wealth with the utmost care and expertise. I pledge to act in their best interests, maintaining confidentiality, and upholding the highest ethical standards in all my dealings. With humility and respect, I commit to continuous learning and professional development to better serve those who entrust me with their financial future. This oath I take, with unwavering dedication, as a guardian of prosperity and trust.


Azam Baccus:
‘I have been a customer with Carrick for about 3 years and during this time I have had exemplary service. My client liaison Jarryd, has been instrumental in the excellent level of service from the out set. His professionalism and attention to detail has given me peace of mind in all that matters.
Thanks Carrick and more importantly Jarryd for everything. Keep up the good work!!.’

Adekunle Aderinola:
‘I succeeded in accessing the global financial market through the financial advise provided to me by Jarryd Jacklin. The expertise he displayed in identifying my risk profile and matching me with the right investment convinced me I am dealing with the right private wealth consultant.
The resultant usage of Carrick as my financial advisor to invest internationally provided seamless satisfaction’

Olatunde Immanuel:
Early in the year, I started to think about starting to save for the education of my wards and was looking for a safe, secure investment vehicle. By providence I was contacted by Jarryd Jacklin and we agreed on a time to have a chat. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism displayed by Jarryd and the Carrick team. As the months have quickly sped by, I have had one or two questions and the same level of professionalism and Kind understanding was displayed. I am comfortable with the superb customer care. If you are not investing with Carrick, you are missing out.

Nick Lovegrove:
It has been a pleasure working with our team at Carrick. They helped maneuver the transition a complex and deceptively expensive retirement savings plan to a scheme that is much more transparent and better suited to our needs. They presented us with a series of very clear recommendations including tax implications, and in a matter of weeks they were able to achieve more than we had over many attempts and over many years. They are highly responsive, thorough and objective - we are consistently very pleased with the level of service we receive.

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Carrick Catalyst is an award-winning luxury boutique wealth management firm with three global licences exclusively serving Africa. As an independent firm, our commitment to impartial advice and regulatory compliance ensures your wealth, privacy and interests are protected. ​Our tailor-made financial solutions prioritise your unique needs and our expertise in wealth management drives the growth of your wealth with a dedication to excellence that sets us apart. With more than 400 years of experience between our advisers combined, we understand that as your wealth grows, so do the intricacies of managing it. Tracking every moving piece no longer takes all of your time. We work with you to quarterback everything from a single point of contact.

We work with successful individuals who aspire to a long-lasting financial legacy and as a leader in wealth management, we understand that knowledge is wealth, and we speak the language of leadership. We build a robust partnership with our clients offering the expertise and guidance needed to achieve all your financial goals. Our client-centric model prioritises you above all else. We are here for you with a dedicated team you can access at all times so that you can spend more time on the things that matter.


Carrick Catalyst provides bespoke solutions for our clients, building your wealth in an age of ethics and sustainability.


Our team of onboarding experts work around the clock ensuring the review of your KYC & AML application to the highest standards to give you the advantage of our service as soon as possible.


We understand that each customer is unique. Therefore, we have created an online platform which allows flexibility with accessibility levels.


The protection of funds is of paramount importance to us ensuring that our processes are integrated with two-factor authentication and multi-level authorisation capabilities.

Without Borders


There is no price tag on freedom

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